About me

“You never know what could happen next in life but it helps to have a vision and a plan”

I’d like to tell you a bit about my background, share some of the reasons behind my decision to become a coach and describe how I can help.

After graduating from university with a degree in French and many happy memories of living and working in that country, I entered the fiercely competitive world of publishing.

From my first role as an Editorial Assistant I built my career from the bottom of the ladder, learning the tools of the trade. I next had a spell working from home as a young mum, running my own freelance editorial business whilst caring for my growing family and juggling work from increasingly demanding clients. This taught me so much about focus and self-discipline. But it wasn’t all plain sailing – I experienced first hand the loneliness and self-doubt felt by many mothers who know they have much to be grateful for but who can also feel unfulfilled, as though they have lost themselves. I had no idea how many forms of guilt it is possible to experience until I went through this phase of my life!

When I took the decision to go back into a full time publishing role in an office after 15 years, I was dealing with my inner demons telling me I’d been left behind and not even to try. I had no clear plan at that point but soon set my sights on getting my career back on track first as a project editor, commissioning editor and latterly a leader and manager of publishing teams. I have worked in start-ups where I had to recruit the team from scratch and establish systems and processes from the get-go. I’ve also managed large teams in established organisations resistant to changing the status quo. In house I truly loved defining future product strategy, pace-setting and working through day-to-day issues with my team. This is where I realised how much I enjoyed coaching and how rewarding it is to help each different person develop, grow and work out how to perform to their best ability

Spin forward a few years and I’d encountered enough corporate culture to leave me with feelings of frustration. I’d witnessed male and female colleagues in the same position as me time and time again. Too much time spent navigating the office politics, too little time focussed on the job they enjoy. I have observed and experienced first hand some great managers and also worked with managers who didn’t know how to leverage their teams for the benefit of the individuals as well as the organisation.

The best part of my day was always the time spent empowering those around me to untangle problems and find solutions that would work for them.

I decided the time had come to get qualified with an established coaching body and put my coaching experience into full-time action. I am passionate about helping people harness their best self. Whether coaching and mentoring individuals, or working with corporate clients, I will help you identify what is blocking your progress and uncover the unique answers that work for you. Together we will assess where you are now, what is driving you to make change and create an achievable plan to get you there. Put it into action and watch the results start to flow!

Certified coach

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