It’s up to you to find your happiness

Sometimes my clients bring issues around finding happiness to their coaching sessions. They begin by making a general statement like “My work doesn’t make me happy any more.” They feel that they’ve lost touch with what brings them joy and what really makes them tick. If you are struggling to work out why you are doing what you’re doing, it can certainly be hard to feel happy.

Out of the comfort zone

In my Sunday night yin yoga class we are all encouraged to hold each pose for several minutes in order to stretch the fascia rather than the muscles. So to feel any benefit you sometimes have to sit with a degree of discomfort for a while as the body accepts the stretch and finds a new comfort zone. The teacher offers short readings to distract us from that discomfort and she recently spoke about how we need to locate our reason for being in order to experience the best from life.

Find the ‘why’

It got me thinking about how easy it is to forget or neglect your ‘why’ in the hustle of the office and the demands of the home. Life can sometimes leave you drained or even demotivated rather than full of energy, happy and in touch with your life force. If you ask yourself what’s the purpose of what I’m doing and you can’t come up with a satisfactory answer then it’s probably an excellent time to reflect and evaluate further. Having a goal and a purpose brings that happiness and fulfilment nearer.

Finding your own happiness

It really is down to you, because no one knows you as well as you know yourself. Ultimately, no other person, however close to you they are, is responsible for making you happy. Work isn’t responsible for making you happy. Possessions are not responsible for making your happy. And only you can find the happiness solution that is fit for purpose at that particular point in your life. That good energy will still be flowing but you need to remember how to tap into it. My coaching clients are all unique and have many different approaches to getting what they want. But they all have one thing in common. They know that happiness and a sense of purpose are not sitting out in some magical never-never land – they are things they can reach for and plan for immediately.

Have a plan

Not everyone finds making a plan easy and some people prefer to act completely spontaneously. But even the least comfortable planner knows that making positive adjustments in the short term will help get the change progress underway and make happiness easier to find. In the end, nothing will change if you stay inside your comfort zone and don’t stretch and challenge yourself to come up with new ways to be happy and fulfilled. The work sits with you and it’s your job to do it.

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