How to start building your confidence to get back into the workplace

In this post I’d like to focus on how to start building your confidence to get back into the workplace.

Skills gap

Many of my coaching clients come to me wanting help with this issue. They often focus on the skills gap that they think they have, particularly if they’ve been out of the workplace for a little while.
The skills gap could be real. You may genuinely need to update your skills. But it is also possible it is a perceived gap that exists in your mind and it is holding you back. I’ll be addressing the skills issue in future posts.

What have you already done in your life?

Let’s spend some time thinking about what you’ve already mastered and overcome in your life up until this point:

Where are you right now?

You could be a full time parent, raising children, dealing with the school, leading a day-to-day life that’s extremely full and busy. But you feel you have somehow lost touch with the person you used to be. You might be looking for more. It could be more money, more adult interaction, more interesting work. Perhaps you’re already working, but it’s unpaid. There could be many reasons driving you to take that next step and get back into the workplace but you also have concerns.

Natural fears

It can be off-putting and scary. Many of my clients mention the need to build extra confidence during their coaching. I can relate to that. I was in exactly that position myself 10 years ago when I went back into the corporate world after looking after my children. I’d had a part-time job working from home, but I felt severely deskilled at that point. I certainly understand some of the obstacles getting in the way of making those job applications.

How can you start to deal with this issue?

So try this. I’d like to invite you to think about three things that you have accomplished in your life to date. What are you most proud of? What have you already achieved? Maybe write them down, and reflect on where you know in your heart of hearts you have already succeeded. You might surprise yourself!

You’ve made the first step in building your confidence and you can now think about where to go from here. I’ll be publishing on this topic in future posts.

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